We are witnessing a rather fast unmasking of a politician’s hypocritical posturing in this crucial moment of our country’s political history.   Piece by piece the deceitful trappings of such mask are peeling off , not by any political machinations of some adverse political group or opposing faction in the ruling classes, but by the very utterances of the beleaguered politician himself.

Yes indeed, President Noynoy Aquino, by his own body language and pronouncements, has revealed the true dyed-in-the-wool trapo that he is. From a deceitful stance of a reformist leader as an elected state official, he has fast transformed into a political werewolf — power-thirsty! — no different from his predecessor whom he has frequently made a convenient scapegoat for all his kapalpakan.

In one political season he would attack the magistrate of the high court as a vaunted signal achievement of his war against graft and corruption. But in another season—an unfavorable one!— because his own propensity for graft was found out after the presidential pork barrel was adjudged unconstitutional, he cried “foul” invoking sincere intentions. And he went so far as to defy the Supreme Court decision by issuing subtle threats against a certain section of the Judiciary’s budgetary funds.

And amidst the shrinking survey rating of his rule, President Noynoy has still not abandoned his fiasco fight to preserve the presidential pork . Assuming an “intellectual stance” , posturing like an expert of the law. he tried to prick our minds by invoking the constitutional injunction of maintaining “checks and balances” in the three branches of government. But it only manifested the less-than-mediocre cunning of the trapo politician in him. He seemed to overlook the fact that the underlying reason for the high tribunal’s judgment on the DAP is precisely the very “ideal” he feigned to seek.

If indeed he is concerned with what he perceived as lapses in the observance of “checks and balances” between and among the three branches of our government, then he should have welcomed and rejoiced in the act of the Supreme Court. For it has established a much needed closure on the question of the legality of the pork barrel, however it is named, in whatever branch of government it is hidden.

But ever faithful to the interest of the ruling classes, especially the landlord class to which he belongs, he is meant to perpetuate the pork barrel system.  And so, in his futile attempts to redeem his political misdemeanors, both mortal and venial sins of his governance, he waxed sentimental in his last Sona, using the suasive tactic of his tears to artistically celebrate his sincerity of intentions, emphasizing that they were all directed towards bettering the lot of his Boss (sic!).

And now, casting away all doubts that after all he is in all respects the male version of Gloria, he has disrobed himself and revealed the real features of his nature — he is a veritable political werewolf.

We are alarmed, even as we have suspected all along his masked monstrosity. But all of the Filipino citizenry must be alerted. In this quarter , we have more than twice over issued warnings that this son of a former lady president has all the trappings of a dictator. He cannot continue to lie and deny that as commander-in-chief of the security forces of the State he is responsible for all the brutal acts and deeds perpetrated by the military against the people. Indeed, we are witnessing a veritable martial rule in the countryside, especially in areas where mining operations by foreign corporations are accorded protection by the security forces of the state. And as has been evidenced in all our experiences in the past, concomitant always with increasing militarization is rampant violation of the people’s human rights . Oplan Bayanihan, which is a continuation of Oplan Bantay Laya, unfolds as a more ferocious attack against the people, especially the Lumads in Mindanao.

His announcement of support for the move of Congress to amend the Constitution—what is popularly codenamed Cha-Cha—is not surprising. He could not fool us into believing that he was not, in the first place, the very artist who provided the apt musical piece for the dancing acts of his allies in the legislative chamber.

Verily, with this current showmanship of Noynoy as a trapo, Gloria Arroyo must have readily sported her crocodile grin with a sense of vindication that her successor in Malakanyang has , after all, adopted the script she had crafted in her own time. True to his class interest President Noynoy has executed his awkward master stroke — a kind of coup de theatre— in broadcasting his intention to seek reelection—that is, once the Constitution is amended to clear the way for his wayward desire!

But Cha-Cha plus Reelection equals prolonged misery of the Nation! This is a very obnoxious equation which must be rejected.

In face of this, the Filipino nation is now in the midst of a real danger vis-à-vis a stray werewolf who has escaped from his cage of pretensions and cloak of doublespeak. There is no reason however to cower in helplessness. Hindi tayo dapat maunahan! We have on our side the interests of truth and justice. We have in our agenda the welfare of the entire nation at heart. We are not about to face this monster with our hands hanging down.

On August 23, in the City of Cebu will be held the People’s Congress to fire into the hearts of the entire nation the Opening Salvo of a People’s Initiative to Enact a Law Abolishing All Forms of Pork Barrel in our political-social system.   See you there!

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