A woman carrying a gun and passing through Gate 2 walked into the grounds of Malakanyang Palace. According to the news report, the woman didn’t say she intends to shoot President Noynoy Aquino. But didn’t mince words in saying , “Why has the people’s miserable plight gone to this extent?”

This is an undeniable sign of people’s frustration and exasperation on account of the Government’s insensitivity to the plight of the people. Malakanyang cannot just brush it aside and say it is an isolated case of aberrant behavior of one individual.

No. It is a clear signal, an explicit message from the very heart of society—the masses of the people –whom President Noynoy Aquino himself calls his “Boss”.

Clearly the Boss is angry.

And why not? Instead of honestly and sincerely addressing the vital problems and issues confronting the nation, he opts to deal with them with acts of deception in the language of doublespeak. His insensitivity, heedlessness, arrogance, and wholesale betrayal of trust rankle deep in the people’s hearts.

All these amount to treason and push the people’s patience to exasperation . The intensity of resentment explodes like a time bomb in the soul of individual citizens. The lady who entered Malakanyang compound carrying a gun is a single individual action of an irate citizen. But it is a representation of the millions throughout the entire country who feel cheated and betrayed.

Individual actions like this lady ‘s walk into the Malakanyang grounds may be construed as a manifestation of a bewildered mind. But there’s no mistaking the signal: If at all what she did was an offshoot of a bewildered mind, hers is the “bewildered mind” of the public to whom the government owes a solicitous engagement for social justice, social reparation and socialrehabilitation.

So many acts and deeds characterize the misrule of President Noynoy which compromise the people’s interest, or much more, sabotage the country’s future.  The following constitute his unforgiveable wrongs committed against our people and our country:

One. The single-handed act of delivering our country’s sovereignty by signing a treaty with US President Barack Obama is treacherous. He did not submit the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) to Congress that is supposed to ratify it. It is a vital document that makes a mockery of the constitutional injunction that no foreign military bases should be installed in our lands. But the said agreement, which has the force and effect of a treaty, was worked out as a maneuver to circumvent the constitutional mandate. It was surreptitiously crafted, making it worse than a clear-cut Military Bases Agreement.

Two. The Disbursement Acceleration Program ( DAP) is a huge pork barrel system where funds are disbursed according to the President’s whims and discretion. It has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but President Noynoy is hard-headedly justifying its continuance, even challenging the High Court’s decision, and making retaliatory action by going so far as to threaten to scrap a section of the Judiciary’s operational budget. In so doing he is making a serious bad precedent and only shows his propensity for dictatorial rule.

Three.   His recent pronouncement s issue subtle signals for his desire and intention to seek reelection. This contravenes the constitutional prohibition and therefore necessitates a Chacha or Charter change. Indications are evident that his allies in Congress are determined to pursue these twin moves: amending the fundamental law to pave the way for his reelection bid.   If realized, then we will have a government whereby its basic laws are tailored to the desires and motives of the chief executive, making the President above the law. What difference would that be to the Constitutional Dictatorship of the late dictator Marcos?

Four.   But the most grievous sin of President Noynoy’s regime is the grand scheme of deception and hypocrisy that has cloaked his so-called peace and development program under the codename Oplan Bayanihan. It is in fact a reign of terror with the armed security forces of the State serving as implementors of a program of dispossessing the Lumads (indigenous peoples) of their ancestral lands while at the same time granting privileges to foreign mining corporations to cart away our gold ores and other precious minerals.

The AFP and the PNP under the command of their Commander-in-Chief Noynoy Aquino, are killing, maiming and torturing with impunity the indigenous peoples and other mountain peoples who oppose these big mining operations. In insuring protection of these foreign mining interests, the harshest forms of abuses and violations of human rights are perpetrated by the military. Truly, this regime has shamelessly paved a smooth matuwid na daan for the plunder of our natural wealth by the foreign imperialists.

Who will not lose his patience and pushed to extreme frustration and anger with this hypocrisy and treachery of President Noynoy’s government? Whose mind will not be bewildered by his excellent execution of doublespeak? Whose soul shall not be crumpled to insanity by his treasonous preferences given to foreigners at the expense of the Filipino people’s welfare?

Only one brave Filipino woman has yet dared to walk the forbidding grounds of Malakanyang in order to signal the anger of the Filipino nation.   The heart of the nation is a time bomb, ticking. . .

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