LITO: Bai, The Peace Talk between the MILF and the Government is done. What do you think is good to do now?

MYSELF: What else, but wait?

LITO: While waiting for the outcome, don’t you think it is also good to hold peace talks between the NPA rebels and the Government?

MYSELF: Oh yes, that would be best! But, it seems I have smelled something fishy—some
unwholesome tricks cooked up by the Government.

LITO: Tricks? Why, what have you smelled?

MYSELF: They arrested the leaders of the NPA and the Communist Party, when there is supposed to be an agreement reached between the NDF and the GRP, which gives Safe Conduct Pass or freedom of movements of the participants of the Peace Negotiations. The arrest is a manifest act of Bad Faith on the part of Government!

LITO: Is that so? In other words they could have moved around freely without the risk of being apprehended by the military or the police?

MYSELF: Yes! It is called JASIG (Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees).

LITO: Tsk Tsk, So the Government violates this agreement?

MYSELF: Exactly! The Government is really guilty of Insincerity! And now, a Military Officer is bragging “Ah, the days of the NPA are numbered! In one year or so, there will be no more NPA!”

LITO: Now, where’s that “Unwholesome Tricks” you were saying?

MYSELF: The hidden agenda of the Government is this. That Peace Accord with the MILF is a step of its Divide and Rule tactic. Just like what the American Bates Treaty! Remember? Divide the rebel groups so that they can be easily subdued. It’s better to have just one source of headache than two or more or many! Isn’t it? So now, what the Military will do is concentrate its forces on the NPA! Because they think that as far as the Moro rebels is concerned, that’s a thing of the past.

By the way, do you know how many battalions of the AFP are now deployed in Mindanao? 25 Battalions! You would think they’re for an all-out invasion! Well, in the coming days, an All-Out-War Noynoy Version will be unfolded in Mindanao! The civilian populations in the countryside will bear the brunt of the tremendous human rights violations concomitant with massive militarization. The Indigenous Peoples will be most affected. In fact, they have started sit in Talaingod, Davao del Norte, among the Manobos!

LITO: I got it! It’s indeed a tricky maneuver!

AKO: And do you think there will be no more Moro rebels to consider? What about the insult hands down? Within the MILF itself are elements opposed to the newly penned MNLF? Do you think Nur Misuari and company will just takePinoy’s Peace agreement called Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

LITO: In that case, we go back to Square One?

MYSELF: Worse! You know why? Behind all these moves of the Government is an Agenda for an Unprecedented Disaster to the Philippine Society!

LITO: Ha? What do you mean? O, don’t talk like a prophet of doom!

MYSELF: Look. . .all these maneuvers will ultimately result to enslavement of our country by the American imperialists. Do you know there is another Cha-Cha music being played now in Congress? And this early, some legislators in both houses  are already dancing to the tune of President Noynoy’s Chacha version.

LITO: Oh yes, I’ve heard about it in the TV Patrol! What ‘s this Chacha version of Pinoy?

MYSELF: The purpose of this Chacha version of Pres. Noynoy is to make amendments to the Philippine Constitution such that foreigners can buy with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) ownership of Philippine lands, public utilities, media installations, educational institutions and other properties and resources of the Philippine patrimony.

LITO: The Philippine Constitutioon will be changed for the benefit and welfare of foreigners? O my God!

MYSELF: And not only that! Already there is an Agreement signed between the US and the Philippine governments for what was first sought to be an Access Agreement, but later changed to a more euphemistic Enhanced Defense Cooperation. But the essential purpose for which this agreement was negotiated was for the American troops to be able to have access and use of military camp facilities owned by the Philippine Government and anywhere they are situated in the Islands.

LITO: But as far as I know Military Bases are prohibited anywhere in our country?

MYSELF: Oh yes! But that is not a Bases agreement! And that’s the fraud there is to it! No Military Bases Agreement, but it’s even worse than that! Under this very deceptive agreement, the entire Philippine archipelago becomes a virtual Military Base.

LITO: But for what is this really?

MYSELF: Well, for all conceivable purpose in the interest of the American imperialists! First, for their global military expansionism. And of course, for the support and protection of their trade and economic aggression in this part of the globe. The claim that it would serve as a mutual defense mechanism is a lot of humbug, because there is already an existing Mutual Defense Pact between the US and our country.

LITO: I think President Aquino is doing all these to insure the integrity of his “Matuwid na Daan” policy of Governance?

MYSELF: Haha. . .All these acts and deeds of President Aquino are geared towards what we may call Omnibus Puppetry to American Imperialism. We can also term this as General Surrender of Sovereignty or Total Sell-Out of Philppine Society.

LITO: So, in face of these. . .what shall we do?

MYSELF: People’s War is the answer! Pangayaw. . .!

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