There is no end to the acts of betrayal by the Noynoy Aquino government to the Filipino nation.  As though it has not yet exceedingly done enough by having tampered the constitutional sovereign will of the Filipino people over its patrimony and territory, it now dares to emasculate the soul of our race! —our very own  language!—the wellspring of our cultural identity and integrity!

In all the history of the ethnic tribes and peoples of this nation, this is by far the vilest and unkindest act of betrayal ever to be done by a government to its own people.  It manifests a lack of reverence to the spiritual legacy which links us to our ancestral roots.  What a malevolent move!—something totally bereft of pride and belongingness to the bloodline of the native brown race for whom all the warriors of our forebears had fought and died.

Instead of providing all the conditions and rendering all the needed support for the nurturance of our cultural lifeblood, the Department of Education chooses to clip the Filipino language of its wings?  How can the Filipino dream now be flown to heights of linguistic development?  Our native languages have already been marginalized by colonization.  And Filipino, albeit enshrined in the constitution as our national language, has endured the mockery of being relegated to second class vis-à-vis English.   Why shouldn’t it be English that ought to be removed from the tertiary curriculum?

Historically, the English language has proven to be inutile in pushing forward the development of our country.  As the chosen medium of instruction it is the rickety linguistic engine behind our backwardness as a nation.  It is one of the major factors that helped in the stagnation of Philippine society across the century.  It has effectively worked as a narcotic drug that has numbed the sensibilities of our people to a false sense of pride.

Our national leaders are gloating in having wielded it as a weapon to coax the masses of the people to succumb to their deceitful wiles and political devilry, thereby insuring the maintenance of an ever widening gap between the educated and the unschooled, between the rich and the teeming poor.  Because of their puppetry to American imperialism, they lounge in the vanity of being able to speak and write in English, and preen in being able to dangle it as a magic wand to fool the masses into proclaiming it as a vehicle for progress.  In fact, it is the very reason why our country lags behind other nations which have just been recently established in this part of the globe.

Verily, the Department of Education, in its stupid move to scrap Filipinofrom the tertiary curriculum, has done an unforgivable wrong.  It will come down in history as a grand betrayal of the Filipino nation and the brown race.  Francisco Balagtas, Amado Hernandez and the rest of the champions and advocates of the Filipino language will turn in their graves.  Gabriela Silang will fly her horse in the firmament to haunt the conscience of this generation of un-Filipino leadership.  Gat Andres Bonifacio will unsheathe his poetic tongue and sing his Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa in front of the Cabinet secretaries in the halls of the Presidential Palace!  And Gat Jose Rizal who admirably spoke twenty-one of our native languages, will leap from where he stands on the pedestal of his greatness and knock on the doors of Malakanyang and hold Noynoy Aquino by the neck  and pull out his tongue for having treated with disdain and irreverence the Filipino soul!

And the gates of the palace shall crumble as multitudes of revolutionary Filipino youth rush to claim and retrieve the honor and pride of the Filipino nation from the official abode of an “alien President” disguised as a Filipino.

Such would be the terrible consequences of this grand treachery by this unFilipino  government of Noynoy Aquino.  And all the world will know that ang pagtataksil sa sariling wika can be a cause for people’s war.

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