Lito ! Willie! My true and loyal friends, come! Let us celebrate! Today is Freedom Day!   INDEPENDENCE…!   Let us laugh out loud!   Let us burst out to our utmost hilarious laughter until the whole planet earth rocks to the beat of our rejoicing!

And let us speak in Bisayan tongue!   Let us resound in our own language the precious dream in our hearts!   Let us summon all the gods and goddesses of our ancestors! Let us call on all the Baganis, valiant warriors,of all the tribes of our race in the entire archipelago!

Let us hail and embrace all the noble Heroes of the Filipino people! Gat Andres Bonifacio!   Gat Jose Rizal! Gat Emilio Jacinto! Gat Gregorio del Pilar!   And all the members of the Katipunan and all the warriors in the Philippine Revolution of 1898. . .!

Come ye all of you! Guerrilla fighters who fought against the Japanese imperialist soldiers in the Second World War!

Come ! Let us gather all our forces into a gleeful throng!   Let’s rejoice! Laugh out to utmost jollity our boisterous laughter . . .our most gladsome chuckles and cheerful giggles!

And let’s speak in our own tongue! Broadcast in our own language the ideals and aspirations we have nurtured in our souls for centuries!

Come ye, all of you loyal comrades! All ye activists of the First Quarter Storm!   All ye activists and cadres and red fighters of the current National Democratic Revolution!   All ye leaders and all of you dear masses of the people who cherish the ideals of the Movement that has fought and advanced the cause of Justice, Democracy and Sovereignty!

Come ye all of you!   Let us unite in heralding this Day Most Funny in the entire history of our society!   Our hearts and souls are tickled into hilarious laughter!   How it tickles our funny bones!   This Grandiose Joke has indeed tickled our sensibility in this season of fun in our country!   This is by far the most comic of all comic shows ever invented by the charlatans of our society!

It is also a fitting tribute to this glorious day that we sing! Let us blend our voices in concert! In the most mirthful show of jubilation!   Here!   We let our concert voices flow along the lyrics of the latest beat of our race!—betrayed by the hypocritical leaders of the Filipino people. . .from Manuel A. Roxas down to the present government of Noynoy Aquino.

This is a song replete with laughter and rejoicing. . .a song that has sprung forth from the breasts of the people coaxed and cajoled to relish a grand irony ever to depict the morass that has befallen the ideal of Justice, Democracy and Sovereignty in our country.

It is a song in tempo allegro for the melodic truck is tempered with glee out of the unspeakable tone of sarcasm of this fun-filled event called in the English language   Independence Day!   Here it is . . .


                             FAKE INDEPENDENCE


                             Hail this day, this event most funny

                             Ever feted in the history of our country

                             For a new vocabulary is invented

                             For the idiotic essences of our society—

                             Poverty is now called development

                             Misery is now meant prosperity

                             And slavery is now named Liberty

                             Oh, what a real funny funny reality!

                             Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha [2x]

                             It is more fun with this new vocabulary

                             This new words in Noynoy’s dictionary!                     


                             The military bases of the Americans       

                             Which were nests of the troops caucasians

                             Nestled in the bounties of Subic and Clark

                             So many babes were born to light and dark.

                             Those bases were rendered closed eternally

                             By Senator Salonga and the twelve mighty!

                             But the EDCA of Presidents Noynoy and Barrack

                             Has turned the Islands to a new US Barrack !

                             Aguy Aguy Aguy Aguy Aguy Aguy [2x]

                             Oh, what a grandiose act of treachery

                             This writ of Noynoy’s rabid puppetry!


                             In the corridors of the Legislative Chamber

                             A host of Malacanan dogs are tethered

                             Their collars are ever held tight and smart

                             So that they always sound their arf arf arf

                             Then the Cha Cha they’ll dance dance dance                                                 

                             So our national wealth and lands lands lands

                             Can be bought by foreign nationals alone

                             And corporations hundred percent foreign-owned                                         

                             Ay ay ay ay Ay ay ay ay Ay ay ay ay   [2x]

                            This is a total sell-out of our dear nation

                             By President Noynoy’s Judas-kiss treason!

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