Mayor Digong Duterte speaks from the podium of the people’s aspirations. His campaign slogan “Tapang at Malasakit” is just what the poor masses of the people has waited for all these years they have been cast aside in the periphery of oligarchic governance. The poor,the deprived and the oppressed are indeed virtual outcasts of Philippine society hitherto ruled by a system crafted to perpetuate; the supremacy of the ruling elite — the big landlords, the big capitalist-traders and the US imperialists.

“Gikan sa masa, para sa Masa” (from the masses to the masses), the motto that Mayor Duterte abides by all through the years of his leadership in Davao City fittingly translates into his campaign slogan “tapang at malasakit”.

It captures most succinctly the sentiment, the temperament, the cravings of the exploited; and the oppressed masses in the Philippine social milieu.

His phenomenal victory is a veritable tsunami whose raging waters mirror the anger dammed in the hearts of; Filipinos in their millions still enduring the scourges of penury, the curse of injustice, and the tyranny of a system that has enshrined puppetry to foreign power, and pervasive corruption infecting the moral fiber of the Filipino soul.

In all its manifest failures, the Philippine government under the ruling class elite has proven to be the very antithesis of democratic rule it avows itself to be. Now, the “vox populi” expressed in the ballot engages and has ignominiously crushed the politics of the Trapo running dogs of the ruling class elite who, all the while during the campaign sortie, were frantically hurling their stinking weaponry of lies and deceit. They miserably fail to survive the surging tidal wave of support that carries Mayor Digong Duterte to awesome victory.

Truly this is an ushering of a new season– a Season of Change. Hark the onrushing messages of radical reforms as the new Head of State climbs up the steps to the helm of government.. He will; deliver the mandate demanded by the masses of our people.

For a long time from today, the masses of the people who constitute the campaign machinery of the New President will look back and miss the many ways and forms of participation –their enviable role as “cogs and wheels” of the machinery that was to be the essential instrument in the making of history.

Alleluia! Sing Alleluia!

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