We have said it in no uncertain terms that President Noynoy Aquino could have been drunk with power. We have surmised that the popular vote he got in the last elections was some kind of an intoxicant—an intoxicant so sweet and powerful it could have had a habit-forming effect on his sensibilities as a State official.

In his early official acts and functions, he seemed exhilarated by the popular   acceptance of the citizenry of his decisions.   This had a way of toughening him and soon rendered him inure to criticisms and adverse opinions.  Lately, he wields his discretionary powers with dogged determination, confident in the thought he is still walking straight on the straight path.  And perhaps he believes that the willful manner with which he pursues his action-plans is as an unusual exercise of political will.  His is a self-righteousness that springs from a strong belief that he stands on a high moral ground.

In the conduct of his official duties and responsibilities he frequently makes reference to the inequities of the past administration.  And this makes him believe he is made of better, firmer stuff.   Self-righteousness seems to be his driver’s license to steer the Bus of State to his own notion of national development.  He drives with accelerated speed on the ‘straight road’ without taking heed of warning signs along the way.  Or that he might ram into roadblocks, or that he might careen and fall into a precipice of illegality.

Already, President Noynoy has recklessly driven the Bus down the slope of unconstitutionality.    Not so long ago, he cavalierly and singlehandedly surrendered Philippine Sovereignty over our country’s military bases to the Americans by signing the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).  This agreement has the force and effect of a treaty which necessitates approval  by Congress which  he  chose to ignore.

But this is not the first wrongful act he arbitrarily did in contravention of the mandate of the Constitution.  No less than the Supreme Court yesterday says the Developpment Acceleration Fund or DAP violates the Constitution.  This latest decision of the highest tribunal of the Land now explodes like a bomb on the President’s face.  Its tremors now send fearsome signals and messages to all departments and offices under the roofs of Malacañang that may have savored the favors and privileges extended by the DAP Funds.

Certainly there were other acts by the President that constitute utter disregard of legal injunctions or violates traditional customary laws.  And even ethical norms!  For example, in his desire to please the military — oh, just like former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo!—President Noynoy grants promotions and military honors to certain generals without so much as make a peephole into their background or their past conduct vis-à-vis the people.  Some of them have grim records of human rights violations which would make the notorious Berdugo Palparan even hope to be decorated with a Medal of Honor one of these days!

That’s the trouble with a leader who thinks so much  of  himself as paragon of virtue. . .as morally upright beyond reproach . . .as infinitely well-intentioned— and whatever else he proclaims for himself.   That’s the trouble with a pseudo-leader who aspires to be an admirable puppet of foreign interests and the interests of the big landlords and the big comprador-capitalists.  That’s the trouble with a misleader who cavorts with American imperialists in secret mysterious ways.  That’s the trouble with a fake leader who caters to the big mining companies and tramples the rights of the indigenous peoples in the mountains and countrysides.  That’s the trouble with a leader who is not a leader at all but a Sekyu of the oligarchs of our society, who maims and kills the  impoverished masses,  whose Oplan  Bayanihan is an obnoxious plan to perpetuate  poverty and underdevelopment of our country.

That’s the trouble with a hypocrite who does not have a vision for a truly just and genuinely democratic and equitably prosperous society.   Now, it must dawn on President Noynoy that no amount of good motives can justify his illegal self-righteous acts.  He will come down in history as another traitor who squanders the Filipino people’s dreams and aspirations for a better future.


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