At this point in our nation’s journey through time as a republic, we are thankful to President Benigno S. Aquino III for having forewarned us about the possibility of an abnormal type of governance to happen in our country.  We are thankful because we are promptly reminded by his own pronouncements to be extra alert and be closely on guard lest we be caught flat-footed  like what happened in 1972 when then President Ferdie Marcos declared martial rule over the entire Philippine archipelago.

Yes, we are sincerely thankful for President Noynoy’s unmasking of himself as a veritable dictator. His utterances in the wake of the Supreme Court’s judgment on the issue of the DAP or Disbursement Acceleration Program reveal a hidden face of a tyrant.  As a chance to explain the rationale and circumstances surrounding his DAP,  President Noynoy gave us ominous signs that he is about to govern this nation with the supremacy of  a one-man rule. In short, a dictatorship with himself as dictator.

With his own creativity and skills as a politician, his would surely be a type of dictatorship different from that of the dictator Marcos.  It shall be a dictatorship conformance to his personality type.  If Marcos vaunted his smiling martial law, Noynoy’s own abnormal rule would require a different adjective.  We are only given glimpses of its features.

In the first place, he is not about to declare a decree similar to Proclamation 1081 of Marcos.  It shall be more suave and short of being acceptable most charmingly deceitful.   No.  He shall not padlock Congress or abolish the Supreme Court.  Otherwise his own deceased mother Cory Aquino would rise from her grave and choke him.  No.  He shall deviate from the usual and more blatant display of power madness.  It shall be a dictatorship minus an open declaration of martial law.   He shall govern with the arrogance of a “stubborn child” and the loquacious monotony of his branching tongue.  His is a gift of genius in the dexterous array of doublespeak that simply overwhelms all and sundry by their semblance to honest intentions and good faith.

Watch him unsheathe the sword of power the way a musical compositor uses his baton in conducting  a rare orchestration of Congress to the harmony of  his own artful tyranny — his fashionable version of  dictatorship.

In the next several months, we shall be mesmerized by an avalanche of sugarcoated lies, the virulence of which can just be felt like the experience one gets after watching a farcical opera – not in the instance of their offensive thrust, but only later in the dire consequences of their veiled motives.

A clear example of this is the Oplan Bayanihan which albeit dressed in attractive terminology is essentially a vicious attack against the human rights of the Lumad peoples.  On the flipside, it is admitted as supposedly a counter-insurgency measure, but enwrapped by the smokescreen of military activities is the task of the State security forces to safeguard the interests of foreign corporations extracting the mineral resources in the Indigenous Peoples’ ancestral lands.

Because the Aquino administration is a farcical rule of the triumvirate oppressors and exploiters of Philippine society, namely the US imperialists, the big landlords and big comprador-capitalists, no development will ever happen.  Where the essence of President Noynoy’s agenda of governance is puppetry to the foreign imperialist interests and those of its local cohorts, poverty among the broad masses will remain and underdevelopment will stay for ever.

The ruling machinery, however, cannot function in the usual way.  And President Noynoy, no matter how he acts and speaks in covert ways, will inevitably expose his futile measures and will resort to overt abnormal ways.  And that is when and where he becomes a dictator in his own creative fashion.

Since he has this early shown to us these signs of his abnormal rule, we reiterate our thankfulness. We owe him a debt of gratitude and reassure  him the people will throw him into the dustbin of history.(

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