UN mandate a recognition of Philippines’s ’sincere efforts’ to address human rights — Arroyo

May. 18, 2007

MANILA — The Philippines was elected today to a three-year term at the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), in what President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo hailed as a recognition by the international community of the governments sincere efforts to address the issue of human rights, promoting conflict resolution through interfaith dialogue and strong advocacy for the rights of migrant workers.

Philippine Ambassador to the UN Hilario Davide reported to Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo that the Philippines obtained a total of 179 votes, 43 more than what it received in last years HRC election when the country was elected to a one-year term in the 47-member Council.

Romulo welcomed the confirmation of the Philippines election to the HRC and thanked the Philippines partners in the community of nations for their “overwhelming support.”

“The Philippines reelection to the Council is a clear vote of confidence for the Philippines and President Arroyos efforts to move further forward the global agenda of upholding and protecting human rights,” he said.

“With this fresh mandate, the Philippines has been given another opportunity to strengthen further its advocacy in key human rights areas,” Romulo added.

“This fresh mandate likewise underscores our Foreign Service Posts success in harnessing and sustaining global support for the Philippines initiatives in the United Nations,” he said.

In congratulating Davide and Romulo, the President said in a statement that the Philippines election to the UN Council was a “recognition by the member states of our sincere efforts to address issues of human rights, promoting conflict resolution through interfaith dialogue and our strong advocacy for the rights of migrant workers.”

In its bid for reelection to the HRC, the Philippines cited its commitment to strengthen efforts to address politically-motivated killings of media members and political activists, as well as sustain its leadership in promoting interfaith dialogue, advocacy of the rights of migrant workers and making the UN HRC a more efficient and effective organization.

Along with the Philippines, other newly-elected members of the UN HRC include India, Indonesia, Qatar, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Belarus and Bolivia .

The UN HRC was created by the 192-nation UN General Assembly in March last year under Resolution No. 60/251.

This is the first election of the Philippines to a UN post under the stewardship of Ambassador Davide. (OPS)

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