Women’s thinking on career contributes to decline of PH population

Oct. 27, 2015


DAVAO CITY — The Population Commission is expecting a population growth rate of 1.7% in the upcoming Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) census of population, which is lower than the 1.9% growth rate in 2010 and 2.1% rate in the past census.

Juan Antonio Perez III, executive-director of Popcom in a Philippine Information Agency dispatch said that the main reason of the decreasing population growth rate is the changing thinking of Filipino women.

“In the past like in the 1960s, women would want five to six children, now they want to just have two to three children,” Perez said, adding that there are educational and economic opportunities for women.

“Women have more access to education and also they have work and their careers,” Perez said.

Perez said despite the changing outlook of Filipina women the key is convincing the Filipino men on deciding the number of children based on how their capacity to raise the decided number of children.

“We need to identify what the man and woman want,” he said.

He said the Popcom is focusing on promoting responsible parenthood and providing access to family planning services.

“We help them make decisions by giving them complete information,” Perez said.

“Informed citizens make responsible parents,” he said. (davaotoday.com)

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