Veloso family visits Mary Jane

Jan. 13, 2016

DAVAO CITY – The family of Mary Jane Veloso was able to visit her at a prison facility in Wirongunan in Jogjakarta Tuesday morning.

National Union of Peoples’ Lawyer Secretary General, Edre Olalia said Mary Jane’s parents and her two young children, including her private counsel visited her from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

The group was accompanied by officials from the Philippine embassy and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Olalia said Mary Jane’s family family spent the whole time bonding and catching up since she was given a reprieve in April last year by the Indonesian government.

The group said Mary Jane looked at peace and was cheerful.

According to her parents, Mary Jane is more prayerful now and she said she is a “new person.”

Olalia assured Mary Jane that they are “taking good care of her cases against her illegal recruiter in the Philippines and that she should not worry.”

Mary Jane’s family will return today for a private time with her inside the jail grounds. Her Indonesian lawyers are also flying in from Jakarta and are scheduled to have a social lunch with Atty. Olalia.

Tomorrow, Migrante International and local supporters led by Jaringan Buruh Migran Indonesia, will have a solidarity dinner with the Veloso family. (

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