TFD chief says no Army personnel detailed as security for politicians

Jan. 06, 2016

DAVAO CITY – Task Force Davao chief Col. Cristobal  Zaragosa said there is no Army personnel detailed as security detail for politicians who will be running in the coming elections.

Zaragosa said the Armed Forces of the Philippines has already recalled all personnel detailed to politicians.

“Na-recall na lahat. As far as far as Task Force Davao is concerned wala kaming nakadetail na sundalo sa politicians (Everybody was recalled. As far as the Task Force Davao is concerned, we do not have a soldier detailed to secure politicians),” he said.

Zaragosa said the detailing of Army personnel to politicians coming to critical areas is determined by how critical the area is.

He said the Commission on Elections has the authority to detail Army personnel to politicians or to civilians.

Zaragosa said if there are TFD or Amy personnel who serve as securities for politicians, they will face proper sanctions.

“There is a system there for violating specific instructions. They will be discharged if they are soldiers, if they are officers they will be subjected to court martial,” he said. (Ace R. Morandante/

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