Tagum opens honeybee production facility

Oct. 18, 2016

TAGUM CITY, Philippines — The local government opened its million-peso worth of bee farm called Apiary and Training Facility.

“This apiculture project is part of the LGU’s vision of making Tagum a place for agricultural tourism,” said agriculturist Rejean Zulueta from City Agriculture Office (CAGRO).

Located at the Brgy. San Agustin near Botanical Park, the bee farm  is Tagum’s newest attraction.  The city plans to expand the farm by making it to 35 colonies.

The two-hectare facility is under the management of CAGRO and will serve as a training venue for those who wanted to venture in bee farming.

The local government purchased 21 queens, thousands of royal knights, nurses, drones, and colony workers,  all with the capability of flying and buzzing.

Aside from boosting Tagum’s claim as City of Parks, the bee farm cum facility also targets to contribute in the growing economic stratum of the city by making it to a business venture. (davaotoday.com)

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