Senior citizen’s body found rotting in Calinan

Feb. 09, 2016

DAVAO CITY – Police here reported that a body of a senior citizen was found rotting in his house in Calinan on Monday, February 8.

Based on police blotter, the victim’s nephew, Harold Alabado, said that he discovered the dead body of 73-year-old Mario Catulos Alabado on the floor after tracing where the unpleasant smell was coming on that day.

The nephew said he passed by his uncle’s house in Purok Hayahay, Barangay Makawayan, Calinan district here at 9:00 am when he discovered the body.

Police added that they found a glass of water mixed with Furadan in the crime scene. Furadan is a toxic pesticide used to control insects field crops.

Based on their initial investigation, the police suspect that the substance was taken by the victim as they saw no signs of foul play in the senior citizen’s death.(

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