Ombudsman urges filing of complaints Vs. officials, employees using gov’t vehicles for personal use

Jan. 22, 2016

DAVAO CITY – An official of the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for Mindanao encouraged the public to report cases where government vehicles – those bearing red plates – are being used in personal activities.

During the I-speak press conference at the City Hall here on Thursday, Atty. Gil Norman Ciudadano, the agency spokesperson, said reports and complaints would help the Ombudsman in investigating cases regarding these violations.

According to the Commission on Audit Circular No. 75-6A, users of government vehicles are required to secure a trip ticket. The trip ticket should include the purpose, destination and duration of the trip. Government vehicles should also be kept in government garages when not in use for official business.

“It would really help us if someone complains regarding this matter because for example if you observe these red plates in those areas on a non-working day probably you could inform our office and we need to investigate it,” said Ciudadano.

Although he did not give figures, Ciudadano said complaints filed against the use of government vehicles slightly decreased.

He said those who want to file a report or complaint against a government official or an employee can go to the office of the Ombudsman to report it directly either verbally or in written format.

He also said anonymous complaints are welcome.

“If they are afraid to divulge their identities, they could still file an anonymous complaint and if these cases are filed in our office then we can investigate the matter. What is important to us is if these people will file anonymous complaints, it will be easy for us if they will provide pieces of evidences,” he said.

He said complaints from anonymous sources without an evidence would make it difficult for their office to investigate the matter.(With a report from Kristine Ina Magdosa, Davao Today intern)

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