Lawmakers file reso Vs VFA on Laude killing

Dec. 08, 2015

DAVAO CITY – Progressive lawmakers today filed a house resolution to condemn the disregard of Philippine sovereignty by the Visiting Forces Agreement after the conviction of a US Marine over the killing of a Filipina transgender.

House Resolution 2550 was filed by the lawmakers from the Makabayan bloc.The resolution cites how the Olongapo RTC court’s decision on the detention of Pfc Joseph Scott Pemberton was defied following his conviction for the killing of Jennifer Laude.

The resolution reads “decision originally stated that Pemberton shall be committed temporarily to the New Bilibid Prison. However, the decision was amended directing Pemberton to be detained in his detention facility at Camp Aguinaldo pending the conclusion of the agreement between the Philippine and US governments as to where he shall be detained pursuant to the provisions of the VFA.”

The resolution also cites how the VFA justifies the continuing presence of US troops despite abuses committed by US military personnel and how the VFA allows the outright mockery of Philippine sovereignty and the Philippine justice system. (

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