Children affected by Typhoon Lando climbs to over 700,000 says group

Oct. 22, 2015

DAVAO CITY — Child rights group Save the Children estimates that over 700,000 children in the Philippines have been affected by typhoon Lando as recent government data show upsurge in the number of affected people since the first landfall on Sunday.

Classes in various cities and towns are still suspended, disrupting the education of thousands of school-aged children.

“We are extremely concerned with children and families who have lost everything, and without a roof over their heads. Although the death toll stays low, let us not minimize the impact this storm has on people’s livelihoods,” said Save the Children’s Country Director, Ned Olney.

“Our teams on the ground have seen nearly 100 percent damage to homes, schools and health centers in some of the worst hit areas. Access to roads is still difficult due to flooding and debris. Save the Children will continue our response and reach out to families who need our help the most,” he said.

The group also distributed the first batch of 2,000 kits containing life-saving relief supplies for families in some of the worst-affected communities in Casiguran, Aurora Province, where the typhoon first made landfall.

“Relief supplies include water purification tablets so that people have safe drinking water; tarpaulins to serve as emergency shelter; basic household kits containing kitchen utensils, mosquito nets and sleeping mats; and household kits with soap, towels and toothbrush,” said Olney.

He said they also sent a team to Nueva Ecija province, where severe damage was also reported, and is also conducting an assessment to determine the needs of the children.

The group will mount three to six months response that will target around 8,000 households in the worst affected locations.  The priority areas for the emergency response are distribution of lifesaving relief supplies, education, health and child protection. (

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