5 things you didn’t know about Windows 10

Oct. 04, 2015

No matter how much oblivious you are of tech news and updates, you would have heard that Windows 10 is in town and is causing a storm. People are talking about the new Windows with great fervor because it seems that Microsoft, after ages, has finally launched a Windows which everyone loves. Microsoft has been quick to roll out Windows 10 to its devices.

This is the reason why the market is flooded with devices with Windows 10 preinstalled as well as several software available for sale. You can buy Windows 10 software and laptops on popular online shopping websites as well like Kaymu and PriceMe. This high demand of the latest masterpiece from Microsoft is proof enough that Windows 10 is amazing with unique features.

The critically acclaimed Windows has some amazing features which everyone is discussing. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Windows 10:

  1. Say Hey to Cortana!

Those who are familiar with Windows phone will know about Cortana, aka Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Microsoft has now introduced Cortana to laptop and PC users as well through Windows 10. You can simply say “Hey Cortana” at the start menu to start interacting with the voice. Cortana will update you with the latest news, weather updates etc. This feature has been welcomed by all Windows 10 users.

  1. Find where all your storage went!

Windows 10 has a built in tool which allows users to analyze their storage space. Search for storage in the search bar, and click on the storage setting. You will know exactly where your files are stored at and how much space they are consuming. This is a great tool if you continuously find yourself running out of storage space because through this tool, you can clear up valuable space.

  1. Get in with just a fingerprint!

Windows 10 has launched a biometric system of its own: you can now log in to your device by simply scanning your finger. While a lot of laptops already have this feature, this is the first time Windows operating system is actually supporting it. Apart from fingerprint scanning, Windows 10 also allows face scanning as well as iris scanning.

  1. Welcome Microsoft Edge!

We all know how annoying Internet Explorer, Windows preinstalled web browser, can be. So much so that the first thing we do with a new Windows is actually install Chrome or Mozilla as our default browsers. Well, Microsoft has finally heard the consumers’ voice and has now a completely new and revamped web browser, Microsoft Edge. Only Windows 10 users can install Edge. It comes integrated with key features such as Cortana voice support. Initial reviews have been positive, but only time will tell if Edge can actually replace Chrome or Mozilla as our preferred web browser.

  1. Wi-Fi for All!

With Windows 10, users can share their Wi-Fi with friends and family. Windows Wi-Fi Sense feature allows users to share their Wi-Fi with connected networks, hotspots, and devices without actually seeing the user’s Wi-Fi password.

These were some amazing and unique features of Windows 10 which will surely motivate you to go ahead and buy this new operating system which is being praised all over the world.

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