DAVAO CITY – They may not be one of the lucky ones who could get to meet Pope Francis, but Davaoenos here have the same message for the people’s Pope – that he could fix the Filipino’s ‘broken hearts.’

Jesson Reyes, a 28-year old call center agent expressed elation that Pope Francis is visiting the country. Reyes said he hopes that the Pope “could fix every Filipino’s broken heart” citing the experience of typhoon victims in Tacloban.

A criminology student, Ludy Jose, also wished that the Pope could “heal the crying hearts of the people in Tacloban.”

“So that the people of Tacloban will realize that in whatever calamity, God is there to guide them especially that the Pope will be coming to them. If given the chance, I would also like to go to Tacloban or Manila to welcome the Pope,” Jose said. 

Children and adults alike also wish the same thing – that the Pope will “pray for the Filipinos.”

Nonoy Arana, 67, from Ilang, said that if given a chance to talk to the Pope he would ask him “to save the Filipinos from calamities.”

Arana said that he is thankful that the Pope would get to visit the country saying “he has a lot of programs for the people especially for the victims of injustices.”

Ronyl Mando, a Grade 2 student of Bolton Elementary School said he would want to request the Pope to help their families because his father already lost his job.

The grader was also inspired by the Pope’s “love for the poor” and said he also would want to become a priest.

Even high school student, Rose Dhanielle Sumaylo, claimed that she was inspired by the Pope’s humility.

My faith was strengthened. Even when he was not yet a Pope, he was very helpful to the people,” Sumaylo said.

Carla Echavia, 30, and a records officer at the City Social Service and Development Office said that Pope Francis  “is nearest we can ever get to Jesus.”

Echavia said that the Pope is a “reminder not just to Roman Catholic, to be compassionate.”

“This is because the Pope is a living example of no discrimination, no bias and always with goodwill,” Echavia said.

Robert Simo, a shoe repairer from Trading Boulevard said that the Pope has indeed inspired a lot of Catholics because of his “heart for the poor and the needy.”

A simultaneous ringing of bells in the church city at 5:45 in the afternoon will also take place following the call from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to peal church bells “simultaneously on Jan. 15 at 5:45 in the afternoon to signal the arrival of the Holy Father.” (with reports from Arcadel Solano and Elmer Mandigal/davaotoday.com)

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