DAVAO CITY – Militant groups Gabriela and Gabriela Women’s Party believed Mayor Rodrigo Duterte should “refrain from making statements and committing acts that are offensive to women”.

In a joint statement Tuesday, the groups said the presidential candidate’s statements and actions that denigrate women run counter to their principle of upholding respect for women.

“Womanizing and treating women as objects is an affront to women and it should not be flaunted,” said the groups.

Duterte in recent reports has admitted that aside from having two wives he also has two girlfriends. Duterte said if the people want him to be president they should know him.

But Gabriela believes Duterte’s statement “reeks of machismo, reinforces the society’s low regard of women and consequently heightens women’s vulnerability to violence and abuse.”

“This is both distasteful and unacceptable,” it said.

The groups als called on candidates who are running for top positions “impose upon themselves the highest standards towards uplifting society’s views on women and helping ensure the protection of women from abuse.”

“We urge Duterte and other candidates to delve into platforms and discuss women’s and people’s issues rather than employ statements and actions that malign women,” said the groups. (davaotoday.com)

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