Tulfo over Sara in surveys for 2028 presidential race

Apr. 09, 2024

DAVAO CITY ,Philippines – Two survey firms, OCTA Research and Pulse Asia, revealed that early presidential frontrunner Vice President Sara Duterte is now slightly edged out by broadcaster turned Senator Raffy Tulfo both contend for the 2028 presidential race.

OCTA president Ranjit Rye revealed in an interview with One News that they had conducted three commissioned surveys in different time periods where Duterte and Tulfo were the two choices for the presidential race in 2028, and in all three surveys, Tulfo had a ten to 15-point margin over Sara.

In the Pulse Asia survey held last March 6 to 10 where 95% of respondents are registered voters, Tulfo had a slight edge over Duterte, leading 35 to 34.

But Rye said the survey may not predict what might turn out in the real elections, as he pointed out that there are always three or more people running for the presidency.

“In a four-way contest, these numbers will change,” he said, and when this happens, he sees Duterte has the edge because of her bailiwick in Davao and provinces in Mindanao.

The Pulse Asia survey seem to support that idea, as Duterte got 72 points over Tulfo’s 18 points in Mindanao.  Tulfo however, holds an average of 15+ point margin over Duterte in Luzon, Visayas and the National Capital Region.


Former Vice President Leni Robredo, who placed second in the 2022 presidential race, came in a distant third in the Pulse Asia poll with 11 points.

Sara was a popular choice for the presidency even during the 2022 elections, where supporters envisioned a continuity of the “Duterte-brand” of politics.  She slid down for the vice presidency in support of a “unity” tandem with current president Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr.

Her performance as vice president and education secretary is rocked with issues, such as the questionable use of confidential funds and perennial problems in public education.

Tulfo recently placed third in the senatorial elections in 2022, riding on his popularity as a broadcaster on radio and television, brandishing the “Tulfo Brand of Justice” where citizens air complaints ranging from abusive cops, scams, alleged government abuse and even marital problems.(davaotoday.com)

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