Tagum mayor rates 7/10 success rate on city’s drug war

Dec. 01, 2016

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon rated their war on drug operations in Tagum at 7/10 success.

Since June this year, he said Tagum City was already implementing Operation Double Barrel, widely known as “Oplan Tokhang”, even before President Rodrigo Duterte took his oath.

“We started the Oplan Double Barrel in June, and in July we were, maybe, the first to have the highest number of surrenderees that reached 4,000 plus,” Rellon said.

A total of 4,064 personalities involved in illegal drug trade surrendered in Tagum City on July 9.

As of today, Rellon said the number of surrenderees reached 5,000. He said “the people of Tagum seems to listen to the government programs.”

“That is why they trusted the police and the government and submit themselves for their transformation,” he said.

Those who surrendered would undergo three to five months monitoring and evaluation, including psychosocial sessions, religious intervention, and symposiums to prevent them from returning back to drug use.

“I am so positive that of the 5,000 there would be many who we could formally, official, and legally declare to be free on the records,” Rellon said.

Starting January next year, authorities would start declaring some people as”rehabilitated.”

Rellon said the surrenderees will be part of government projects for livelihood, employment, education, and other possible jobs.

Rellon, however, admitted that it is hard for the surrenderees to end their drug trade as their livelihood, but said that he was glad that there were individuals who volunteered to surrender. (davaotoday.com)

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