Survey finds more Davaoenos not in favor of UN inquiry on Duterte’s drug war

Jul. 18, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – A poll survey found more Davaoenos do not favor inquiry by the United Nations regarding the human rights track record of the Duterte government.

The University of Mindanao- Institute of Popular Opinion (UM-IPO) conducted the survey last April 17 to 22 which found 78% of the Dabawenyos aware of the decision of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UN CHR) to investigate the alleged abuses of the Duterte administration in the implementation of its anti-drug war.

In a press conference, UM-IPO executive director Dr. Maria Linda Arquiza said 21% of the public were found to have no knowledge about the issue.

“Of those who are aware, more than half do not favor the investigation (60%) while almost a third of them supports the investigation (30%), while some 10% have no response.” Arquiza pointed out.

She added that despite the clash in policies between Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and the Commission on Human Rights, 47% of the public still considered CHR a relevant agency, while 43% believe that CHR is not anymore relevant.

On this account, the public was asked of their opinion whether they support hypothetically, the abolition of the CHR.

As noted, according to the survey, Arquiza asserted that more people would not support the abolition of the CHR.

But when asked if they believe that the CHR protects rights of all citizens, only 26% believe that the CHR is doing it, while a bigger number of the Dabawenyos believe that the said agency is not protecting all individuals at 65% , , while 9% of them had no response.(

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