Reds recovering, gaining more ground

Dec. 30, 2014

By Krista V. Melgarejo, Contributor

SOMEWHERE IN NORTH COTABATO – During the 46th year anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines, a communist leader here said “the revolutionary struggle continues to grow ever stronger toward victory in the southernmost region of the country.”

Ka Efren Aksasato, spokesperson of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in the Far South Mindanao Region, said “we were able to launch 84 tactical offensives and confiscate 21 high powered rifles from the AFP.”

He said that they have already positioned their forces in the region’s strategic areas.

The revolutionary forces in the Far South Mindanao region celebrated the Party’s 46th year with the theme “Pakusgon ang armado ug pangmasang pakigbisog aron palagputun ang masumpoong rehimeng US-Aquino ug tukuron ang gahum sa katawhan alang sa tinuod nga demokrasya ug nasudnong kalingkawasan! (Intensify the armed and mass struggle to oust the oppressive US-Aquino and establish the people’s government for genuine democracy and national liberation!)”

“About 60 AFP and PNP members were killed in combat while 50 were wounded. This number is equal to a company sized paralysis in the reactionary forces and a 20% increase in the number of new recruits,” said Aksasato.

Aksasato also said that their program for agrarian revolution has been rapidly implemented through out the region and their campaigns against land grabbing and large scale mining by multinational companies continue to intensify.

In a previous statement, the New People’s Army said that Far South Mindanao was one of its recovery areas.

The NDF leader  said they had formulated a two year plan for the region.

“For two years, we want to reach that 100% increase in the number of areas for organizing. In its first year implementation, we have seen that we have reached a high number in our targets in the two year plan, reaching our target municipalities for this year. We are also working on the requisites for consolidating our mass bases especially the establishment of the barrio revolutionary committees in the region,” he said.

Aksasato also shared that their program for agrarian revolution is an integral part of consolidating their areas.

“In 2013, through our program, the production in the area steadily increased and the area is now very productive. In some areas, we have also implemented the maximum program which is the confiscation of lands from landlords. We have distributed these among the poor farmers without any form of payment in return,” he added.

In previous years, the Armed Forces of the Philippines declared that it will make the CPP-NPA-NDF irrelevant before the end of the Aquino administration.

To Ka Efren said, “the mere fact that the reactionary government has already deployed more than 60% of the military forces here in Mindanao is a recognition that we are growing stronger.” (Krista V. Melgarejo/

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