PGMA wages war vs NPA’s revolutionary taxes

Jun. 22, 2006

Business firms should not be too easily swayed to pay extortion fees to the New Peoples Army (NPA) but we also understand that oftentimes they are under threat to do so.

One of the objectives of our renewed and revitalized campaign against the CPP-NPA is for the Armed Forces to stand in the way of these extortion activities and to ensure that an environment of law and order prevails so that enterprise can flourish and provide income and jobs.

The people have witnessed enough CPP-NPA extortion in gang-land fashion not only from our businessmen but from our workers through the so-called revolutionary taxes.

This government is determined to put a stop to these criminal acts by increasing the pressure on the NPA terrorists and keeping them on the run.

We need to intensify our operations against the insurgents to carry out our goal of spurring progress and development through law enforcement, social justice and economic improvement.

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