‘Oplan Tokhang’ in Davao almost done, DCPO says

Dec. 15, 2016

By Robby Joy Salveron, Intern

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The Davao City Police Office claimed Wednesday it was nearing completion of its anti-illegal drug campaign “Oplan Tokhang” with police visiting 12,000 houses of suspected drug users and pushers in a span of six months since President Rodrigo Duterte ordered its implementation.

“Before the end of this month, we’re hopeful to be able to comply with our quota on the double barrel alpha,” Davao City Police Office Deputy Director for Operations Supt. Ireneo Caburnay told media reporters here in the AFP-PNP press briefing at the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

The “Oplan Double Barrel Project Tokhang” was first implemented in Davao City as the city’s anti-illegal drug campaign and was intensified in 2013.

“Our quota is about 12,000 houses and as of now we’re on 90 percent,” Caburnay said.

He explained that Oplan Tokhang is not only meant for suspected drug pushers and users but it also serves as a way for the PNP to disseminate information among the public.

“When you are visited in your house, it does not mean you are involved in drugs. Tinokhang kayo, to inform you about the illegal-drugs,” Caburnay said.

Caburnay also presented the year-end accomplishment report of the DCPO where he noted that the number of cases filed and persons arrested were greater this year compared to 2015.

Based on DCPO’s record the value of confiscated drugs is lesser this year amounting to P17 million.

For the city’s anti-illegal drug campaign, DCPO said it conducted 562 buy-bust operations; there are 1, 053 numbers of persons apprehended, of the figure 799 were drug pushers, 239 were drug users and 15 were minors arrested. It also added that there are 1, 222 drug-related cases filed in court.

Oplan Tokhang (Toktok-Hangyo or knock and plead) is a Philippine National Police (PNP) anti-illegal drugs campaign brought into national scale by PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa. (davaotoday.com)

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