NPA belies AFP’s claim, says kidnap story false

Dec. 14, 2012

“To say that the NPA ”kidnapped” children who were also victims of Pablo, is indeed, a claim that only the fascist and devious AFP can readily concoct and spin.” — Ka Boyet Makatindog, spokesperson of NPA’s Guerilla Front 34

Davao Today

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The New People’s Army (NPA) has denied the military’s claim saying they did not “kidnap” the sons of a soldier in Sitio Danao, Mandalingan villag in Kapalong town, Davao Del Norte last Sunday.

Ka Boyet Makatindog, spokesperson of the NPA’s Guerilla Front 34 Operations Command, in an e-mailed statement dated December 13, said he wanted to clarify the “twisted pronouncement” made by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The NPA leader was referring to the statement made by Lt. Col. Lyndon Paniza, spokesperson of the 10th Infantry Division-AFP.

Paniza said, in a statement dated December 10, seven NPAs flagged down Pfc. Lito Masaluon who was riding a motorcycle on his way back to the detachment.  The soldier, he said, was with his sons aged 12 and 17 and another civilian.

Naanod man ang among balay sa baha sa Kapalong, mao gi uban nako ang akong duha ka anak pabalik unta sa detachment, kay wala sila matulogan,” Masaluon told the 10th ID-AFP.  He was assigned in Kimantaan detachment but returned to Datu Balong village to pick up a sack of rice and to fetch his children.

Masaluon said the NPAs fired their rifle at him and his children.  He added he chose to “divert the attention of the attackers in the opposite direction leaving his children.”  He said he ran to escape and to ask for help, but three NPAs followed him and continued firing at him.

“Failing to kill Masaluon, the NPAs took the children instead as hostages,” Paniza said in the statement.

But NPA’s Makatindog said they were busy that time repairing the houses of peasants affected by typhoon Pablo “when they were alerted by a passing motorcycle bearing three passengers.”  He added, “The driver (Masaluon) suddenly stopped, alighted, and left the two children and the woman as he ran away.”

Finding his behavior suspicious, Makatindog said, NPA members tried to stop Masaluon and gave chase for a few kilometers but the latter threw them a grenade which failed to explode.  It was then they realized, he added, that Masaluon “was an active AFP soldier.”

In defense, the NPA’s fired three shots but the soldier threw a second grenade which hit and seriously injured an NPA member.

While this was happening, Makatindog said other NPA members “attended to the three civilians who were left behind.  They turned them over to the wife of the purok chairman four hours later.”

In a text message to, Major Jake Obligado, chief of the 10th ID’s Civil-Military Operations Battalion said “That’s what they are since Adam, the NPA’s don’t admit their mistakes.”

For NPA’s Makatindog, “the AFP has again maximized the incident to turn the tables to the NPA and cry children’s rights violations.  The NPA fully abides with the regulations and policies concerning the rights and welfare of children.”

He said the NPAs conducted immediate relief assistance, medical missions and repair of houses after typhoon Pablo struck the towns of Kapalong, San Isidro, Laak in Davao del Norte; and Loreto and Veruela in Agusan del Sur.

“It is outrageous to insinuate that, in the midst of Pablo tragedy, the NPA was callously on the prowl and still on active operations against the AFP,” Makatindog said, adding that they have faced typhoon Pablo along “with the poor peasant and Lumad masses.”
Makatindog said that the NPAs “readily shifted its various military and comprehensive work and immediately attended to the needs of the suffering masses” after the super typhoon hit them.

As of Thursday morning, the National Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Council noted 844 dead in the Davao Region alone.

“To say that the NPA ”kidnapped” children who were also victims of Pablo, is indeed, a claim that only the fascist and devious AFP can readily concoct and spin,” NPA’s Makatindog concluded.  (Marilou Aguirre-Tuburan/

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