Photo courtesy of Royal Norwegian Embassy

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The Royal Norwegian Government on Tuesday, October 24, appointed a new special envoy to the peace process between the Philippine government and the communist National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

In a statement, Norwegian Ambassador to the Philippines Erik Førner said Norwegian diplomat Idun Tvedt replaced Elisabeth Slåttum, who has ended her three-year term as special envoy.

The Norwegian Embassy said Tvedt is visiting Manila this week in her capacity as the new facilitator.

According to the Embassy, Tvedt has made a career in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the areas of human rights and peace.

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Prior to her appointment, she was part of a facilitation team in charge of the peace process between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC).

Førner described Tvedt’s appointment as “a great encouragement.”

Tvedt’s appointment came at the heels of the five-month stalled peace talks between the Philippine government and the Communists, which the Royal Norwegian Government has been facilitating since 2001. (

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