Philippines: Fight systematic fraud being perpetrated by Arroyo clique

May. 12, 2007

National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Press Statement
May 8, 2007

Fight systematic fraud being perpetrated by the Arroyo ruling clique in the May 2007 elections
(A call for sincere officials of Comelec)

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) Mindanao is calling on all sincere officials of the GRP’s Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in various regions in Mindanao to stand up for truth and integrity in the May 2007 GRP elections.

We appeal to them to bravely oppose and help frustrate the fraudulent schemes of the Arroyo government as it desperately clings to the seat of power and resorts to most corrupt, most dirty and most repressive ways just to ensure the victory of her bets and candidates this coming elections.

Now is the time for these officials in such strategic positions, and for that matter, for any responsible and honest citizen, to unite with the growing people’s movement determined in upholding the democratic rights of the people even in the face of intense and brutal fascist attacks by the Arroyo regime.

This call comes in the midst of numerous reports of dirty manipulations and manuevers in the conduct of the 2007 elections, already now happening in many places in Mindanao and throughout the country, even weeks before election day. Reports of rampant vote buying, manipulation of list of registered votes, coming in of flying voters, delivery of too many extra ballot boxes (200 to 250 extra ballot boxes in some places) and harassment and threats against local bureacratsinclined to drop Arroyo’s candidates.

We must not forget the crimes and lies committed by the Arroyo regime against the Filipino people in the GRP elections of 2004. While the ballots hailed Fernando Poe Jr. as the winner, Arroyo claimed victory by employing massive vote-buying, vote-shaving and vote-padding, and in Mindanao, claiming 470,000 “margin votes” that sealed her “victory” over Fernando Poe Jr. But the fact is, Arroyo lost in all major cities in Mindanao, even in Lanao del Norte which she claimed to be her second home province. The “Hello Garci” tapes remain a strong testament against Mrs. Arroyo’s thievery of the people’s votes.

Likewise, we should remember the lessons of the Snap Elections in February 1986 when thirty teachers handling the computers at Philippine International Convention Center, bravely walked-out en masse in protest of the rigging of the electoral returns. This incident brought about the series of events that culminated in People Power One in Edsa. It is no far possibility that another people’s upheaval will soon erupt with the way this election is turning out.

GRP Elections has always been rotten, bloody and dirty which is but a result and extension of a degenerating rotten system beset by a chronic and worsening social, political and economic crisis. But to stand up and fight for truth, for justice and the democratic rights of the people will always be truly liberating, patriotic and noble.

Expose and fight against cheating, violence and corruption of the fascist Arroyo Regime!

Frustrate the scheme of the Arroyo regime to subvert the will of the people!

(sgd)Ka Oris
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

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