NPA vows to exact revolutionary justice vs. Pitao’s murderers

Jul. 01, 2008

The cold- blooded murder of Danilo Pitao, the brother of New People’s Army (NPA) commander Ka Parago, is a desperate act by the fascist army of the reactionary Arroyo regime to make up for what it has failed to achieve in the battlefield. Failing to score points in its counter-revolutionary war, the AFP’s 10th Infantry Division shot to death Pitao, a civilian and a family man, who made a living working at the Davao del Norte provincial capitol.

The New People’s Army denounces this latest atrocious and cowardly act by the 10th infantry division’s Military Intelligence Battalion and vows to exact revolutionary justice for Pitao’s family and the families of other victims of human rights abuses. The names of operatives who executed Pitao and those who masterminded and planned for his execution are already known to the NPA.

The AFP’s counter-revolutionary war victimizes innocent civilians like Pitao. Its reign of terror in both the countryside and the urban centers against the masses manifests its propensity to combine psychological warfare, threat, abduction and assassination.

Yet, the more the AFP shows its fascist fangs, the greater is the impetus for the people to support and wage an armed struggle against the rotten and despicable Arroyo regime.

(Sgd) Rigoberto F. Sanchez


Merardo Arce command

Southern Mindanao regional operations command

New People’s Army

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