NDF to indemnify civilians killed in Agusan del Sur ambush

Dec. 10, 2014

Davao City – The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) said that the killing and wounding of civilians in an ambush against a barangay official in Barangay Marfil, Rosario, Agusan del Sur last November 30 was unintentional and they are ready to indemnify the civilian victim who was killed.

In a statement released by the NDFP Monday, a week after the incident, the group said that the target of the ambush was Barangay captain Emilio Solidor and his personal bodyguards CAFGU Noni Mabong and CAFGU Sgt. Derlon Mordeno.

“We believe that asking for forgiveness is not enough because whatever we do, we cannot bring back the life of those who were killed. But we are willing to help them in whatever way we can,” Malaya said.

She added that they will also pay for the hospital bills of the civilians who were wounded in the attack.

The NDF has sought the assistance of Radio Bombo to facilitate for the indemnification process.

The NDF,however, clarified that “not all who died and were wounded are civilians.”

The ambush wounded Barangay captain Emelio Solidor, kadreman Sgt. Derion Mordeno, Civilian Auxiliary Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) members Expedito Sabado, Elmer Adonis, Lalang  Anstral, Minggoy Serna and one who was identified as “Arong”; and civilians Cristina Adonis and Lisa Casilla. While two CAFGUs, Noni Mabong and Taloy Serna and civilian Vanessa Sabas were killed.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines previously issued a statement condemning the ambush. The military also identified one Jocelyn Cerna, who was said to be four months pregnant as one of the “civilians” who was killed in the incident.

According to Maria Malaya, spokesperson of the NDFP in North Eastern Mindanao Region, Solidor was a “protector of illegal logging” in their area. Solidor was also a land-grabber in the area and used the armed CAFGUs to threaten civilians, Malaya said.

“Solidor has been using the barangay ambulance as his private service,” Malaya said. She added that the New People’s Army (NPA) received information last November 30 that Solidor, together with Mordeno and other members of CAFGU, will again be using the ambulance.

“The NPA command of Front 14 decided to continue the ambush even if they will use an ambulance,” Malaya said. However, the spokesperson clarified that they carried out the ambush without knowing that there were civilians inside the vehicle.

According to the NDFP statement, the NPAs positioned in Sitio Latay with enough distance from the center of Barangay Marfil. The information received by the NPA was that only armed men were riding the ambulance while a single motorcycle acts as an escort.

Malaya said that the civilians “were used as shields in order to avoid military actions by the New People’s Army (NPA) against them.”

Lt. Gen. Aurelio Baladad, commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command has directed the 4th ID to “run after the perpetrators in coordination with law enforcement agencies for them to be prosecuted under existing laws of the land.

Meanwhile, the NDF reminded the civilians “not to board any government vehicle with the government troops.” (davaotoday.com)

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