MORE SPACE, LOUDER VOICE: Voluntary quotas on women candidates for pol parties pushed

Dec. 02, 2016

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Election Commissioner Rowena Guanzon is pushing for voluntary quota of women candidates in political parties to ensure more women in government.

During the launching of the Mindanao women’s peace table here on Monday, Guanzon said public discussions about voluntary quotas for political parties have already started.

“We want to talk about voluntary quotas for women for political parties because we know it will take many years for a law on women’s quota to be passed,” Guanzon said.

She chairs the gender and development committee of the Commission on Elections.

Guanzon said only an average of 20 percent women are elected into office.

“Although this time there are more than 80 congresswomen in the House of Representatives, but as you have already emphasized many of the women are there as fillers because of the term of their husbands, fathers, or brothers,” she said.

Guanzon also said that among the registered voters there were 1.6 million women more than the men, but women candidates are less so women who win the election also has a low turnout.

She called on lawmakers to come up with a bill on women’s quota.

Reproductive role

Guanzon said among the challenges that women face is their domestic and reproductive role in the society.

“There are fewer women who run, because you already know why, we still have to sweep the floor and feed our children before we can go out of the house,” she said.

Guanzon added that election in the Philippines is very expensive. (

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