Army honors newly promoted officers

May. 28, 2009

FORT ANDRES BONIFACIO, METRO MANILA — No less than the army chief Lieutenant General Victor S. Ibrado recently announced the promotion of thirty three army officers to Major and Lieutenant Colonels at the Headquarters Philippine Army (HPA) grandstand and graced the pinning of their new rank insignias.

The thirty three awardees are part of the 79 officers assigned at the HPA and other post units and among the 448 newly promoted Army Lieutenant Colonels and Majors effective December 2008.

Among the newly promoted army Lieutenant Colonels are: Lieutenant Colonels Lenart R Lelina, Perfecto D Cabanyan, Florante P Sison, Julius D Miranda, Peter Paul D Domingo, Ronalds D Viray, Jose C Clet, Melchor P Caniedo, Rodrigo D Limos, Atanacio F Zarzadilla, Onting M Alon, Regoberto B Reyes, Sydney V Atega, Manuel M Suela, Danilo G Ibon, and Miranilo R Miranda.

While the newly promoted Majors are: Majors Eduardo V Domingo, Elmer Jay C Anibigno II, Marcel D Figuracion, Ronie T Ebarita, Lawrence A Aninag, Jesus C Pagala, Jose Ramer F Megio Sr, Lourdes L Guevarra, Meliton C Reyes Jr, Jonjie C Juguilon, Arturo E Junco, Eros James M Uri, Roberto Q Beatisula Jr, Benjamen L Leander, Ricnon U Carolasan, Warden A Zamora Jr, and Donato P Pasicolan Jr.

“The promotion of these officers bespeak well of the kind of discipline, perseverance, and commitment that they have shown in the many positions that they have held in the service,” Ibrado said.

Moreover, the army chief advised the newly promoted officers that the ranks that have been donned on their shoulders do not only symbolize the accomplishments and success but at the same time, it signifies added responsibility that is laid now in their shoulders.

“It is therefore, not just an honor and privilege to be promoted and to wear such dazzling rank insignias, but is more of an opportunity and a challenge to sustain your good work and to do even better,” concluded the army chief.

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