605 reservists complete training

Jun. 29, 2009

605 reservists complete training

By Media Mindanao News Service
(August 15, 1987 News Digest Volume 1, August 1987-July 1988 Posted by Davao Today)

ILIGAN CITY (MMNS) — Some 605 persons completed the weekend active duty training (WADT) at a military camp here, the 2/1 Brigade based here disclosed recently.

The WADT is a “weekly training of the reservists in Iligan City design (sic) to refresh our reservists on the latest thrust of the AFP for calendar 1987” and in counter-insurgency campaigns, the press release received yesterday said.

Most trainees had completed a two year reservist training course in colleges or six months compulsory training in military camps. Some civilians volunteered for the training. The military press statement described the training as “terrific” owing to the responses of civilians, including 40 women, to join the weekly training.

Of the 605 “graduates,” 403 are due for promotion to the next rank while 202 others will be listed in the reservist roster of the Armed Forces, Col. Raul Aquino, the commander of the brigade said.

Col. Aquino, one of the honored guests in the “graduation” rites held August 4 at Camp Pintoy noted that the military’s resort to “peaceful means” in combatting crimes and rebellion was “attested by” the surrender of 45 MNLF men with 43 assorted firearms, four NPAs with three firearms and 1,792 mass supporters of the latter. Military authorities also recovered 11 carnapped vehicles sans ransom, recovered six garand rifles, one carbine, one cal. 45 pistol, six cal. 38 revolvers and one homemade shotgun from bandits.

Though admitting no arrest on Tunda Force bandits, Col. Aquino cited the drive against them as successful. They were driven from the two Lanaos with 25 out of 50 members already identified by the military. (Media Mindanao News Service News Digest Volume 1, August 1987-July 1988 Posted by Davao Today)

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