His Royal Highness, King Rody of Davao

Jan. 01, 2007

INDISPENSABLE? Mayor Rodrigo Duterte says he decided to allow his daughter Sara to run for mayor for fear that traditional politicians will mess up the city. (davaotoday.com photo by Carlos H. Conde)

He has said before that he would not build a political dynasty. But recently, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, according to this report, changed his mind. He said he would ask his daughter Sara to run as his vice mayor in next year’s election to make sure that no traditional politician (read: former ally turned arch rival Benjamin de Guzman) would rule the city after him.

Sounding every bit like a king bequeathing the throne to his child, Duterte reportedly said: “I have been running this city alone for the past many years and whether I like it or not, I will retire. My father has left me a leadership and this I performed with the utmost desire to bring the people of Davao only the best.”

He added: “I have to be very careful. I am wary that my efforts for Davao would go to waste but if my daughter will become the next vice mayor, I can always be her guide.”

In fact, Duterte actually used the word bequeath: according to the Inquirer report, he said he “could not just bequeath to anybody else.”

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