Making GMA accountable is always relevant and in season

Nov. 10, 2008

It has always been the poor who are most vulnerable and exploited, who bear the heavy price for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s unprecedented and insatiable corruption. Thus, the call of the five bishops for radical reform is a challenge for all those who would pursue the cause of meaningful change of governance.

It is the height of hypocrisy for the allies of GMA as expressed by her deputy spokesperson Lorelie Fajardo to say: “I think this is not the right timing to call for destabilization. Such criticism is unwarranted… we need to be productive.”

It brings us to the point, what has this government been doing all these years for the good of the economy, rights and well-being of Filipinos?

When the ‘Hello Garci’ tape was exposed, it confirmed the general suspicion that GMA’s victory has subverted the will of the majority to choose their own leader through the ballot. Like a mobster, she and her minions shamelessly cheated the Filipinos at every turn and at all cost to further her own selfish political ends. She made no qualms in undermining and trampling upon the functions of supposed independent and democratic institutions of the republic for her own partisan interests.

The record of graft and corruption under GMA placed the entire country into global shame as one of the most corrupt in the world. Corruption in high places has denied millions of children better access to quality education and deprived taxpayers’ rights to social services. Corruption has made Arroyo and her allies wealthier while millions are wallowing in poverty. The mothers, fathers, the kith and kin of the victims of extra-judicial killings and abductions are waiting for justice –but what justice can they expect when the attacks on the members of progressive and mass organizations, human rights groups are committed with impunity.

Even before the dramatic economic meltdown in the US, Filipinos have suffered enough from the failed economic philosophy and policies espoused by globalization which GMA has championed and blindly implemented to the Filipino people’s own detriment. As this global crisis erupted, the already hard pressed and suffering millions will experience more hardships while GMA and her minions will continue to amass wealth from the people’s coffers.

The Filipino people have suffered enough from the thievery and corruption of this government. Thus, holding GMA responsible and accountable is always timely and in season. So what timing are GMA’s allies talking about?

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