Jeepney drivers asked to claim “pantawid pasada” cards

Jun. 24, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in Davao Region (LTFRB-XI) called on jeepney operators to claim their Pantawid Pasada Program (PPP) cash cards for 2018 before they close it for the 2019 PPP cash cards.

In a press conference at Brokenshire Hotel Monday, former LTFRB XI OIC regional director lawyer Cattleya Acaylar said they are still at 84 percent distribution rate from around 5,000 cards as of June 21.

Chairman Martin Delgra said they will have to close the 2018 budget for PPP cash cards before they can process for the 2019 budget which will provide bigger assistance.

“What we are distributing until now is the subsidy for 2018 but we have to close this so that we can acquire the budget for 2019,” he said.

Delgra said they are looking at the end of the month to end the 2018 budget.

“The 2018 budget provides P5,000 per unit. We proposed a P20,000 budget per unit for the 2019 budget. Hopefully, we will be able to distribute that beginning the second semester of 2019,” he said.

Those who will not be able to claim the 2018 PPP cash card before the end of the month will no longer be able to claim it, Delgra said.

According to Acaylar, they constantly reach out to the operators but a lot of the cash cards remain unclaimed.

“We are targeting to distribute all of the cards. We have been contacting all the operators yet they have so many reasons as to why they can’t claim their cards when we have been doing our best to contact them,” Acaylar said.

“The only thing they have to do is to go to Landbank to claim their cards,” she added.

Meanwhile, Delgra explained that owners of lost cards may proceed to LTFRB for the recording.

“Another card may be issued, I think there is a minimal charge of about P100 to P150,” he said.

The said PPP cash cards serve as fuel subsidy that helps operators and drivers from the increasing prices of petroleum products. (

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