In scathing report, Human Rights Watch details military’s ‘dirty war’ vs Leftists in Philippines

Jun. 28, 2007

Read Human Right Watch’s statement here. Read the full report here.

Human Rights Watch, one of the most respected and credible human-rights organizations in the world, has come out with a scathing report that indicts the Philippine government, particularly the military, for what it called as a “dirty war” against left-leaning activists and dissenters throughout the Philippines. Based on more than 100 interviews, the report, titled Scared Silent: Impunity for Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines, details the impunity in the killings of members of leftist political parties and nongovernmental organizations, journalists, outspoken clergy, anti-mining activists, and agricultural reform activists, as well explains why the government has failed to solve any of the murders it investigated.

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