Members of Anakbayan, a progressive youth organization advancing struggles for national democracy, commemorated the 111th Philippine Independence Day with a reenactment of the Sigaw ng Pugad Lawin’s, where patriotic Filipinos signalled their commitment to independent with the tearing of the cedulas issued by the Spanish government. This time though, we tore into pieces House Resolution No. 1109 at the monument of Andres Bonifacio in Davao City.

The act did not only reminded us of the historic struggles and victories of so many heroes, famous or faceless. They fought so that in years or centuries to come, Filipinos would enjoy whatever less of democracy we have right now.

Yet, the act had more than a “remembering” effect. It gave the youth that feeling that heroes, like Bonifacio, if given the chance, would speak and condemn those who are in power right now.

They would call, like they did in their time, for the people to revolt against Filipino traitors who sit in government positions and are subservient to foreign dictates and policies.

Yes, if only they could speak. But, they speak no more.

In every Filipino’s blood runs the blood of patriotism and democracy. No tyrant or oppressor in this country will ever succeed in defeating the people’s aspirations for genuine freedom, national patrimony and economic progess.

But if heroes could speak now, they’d not only condemn the government, they’d also call people to rise up to fight for our rights!

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Sheena Duazo – Anakbayan Southern Mindanao spokesperson

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