FACT CHECK: Vlogger’s claim that school supplies confiscated by the police are from Angat Buhay is false

Aug. 31, 2022

CLAIM: Vlogger “Blackbirde” claimed last August 25 that police officers confiscated the school supplies distributed by Angat Buhay, a non-government organization headed by former Vice President Leni Robredo, to the students.

In a five-minute YouTube (YT) video with the title “Angat buhay ni Leni Libreng school supplies Sa mga kabataan, kinumpiskaNg mga pulis (Police confiscates the free school supplies distributed by Leni’s Angat Buhay)”, Blackbirde showed a footage of the incident after claiming that Angat Buhay became “viral” because of it.

She then reacted on the video but admitted she does not know the full context of the incident. She chided the “Pinklawans” — a derogatory slang term for Robredo supporters — for uploading an “incomplete” video.

Blackbirde’s video generated 3.284 views, 302 likes, and 17 comments. Her YT channel, created in September 2021, has 111K subscribers as of August 31.

The same content which was posted on her four-month-old FB page, “Birde to be Wild”, on the same date has been taken down. The said page has over 173,000 followers.



The footage Blackbirde used as reference was actually uploaded by the College Editors Guild of the Philippines on social media. It showed the police seizing the face masks, alcohol, and fruits — not school supplies — being distributed to pupils and parents. The police also confiscated placards calling for the safe reopening of schools amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The activity was organized by Salinlahi — not by Angat Buhay — outside the President Corazon Aquino Elementary School in Quezon City on August 22 during the first day of face-to-face classes. Salinlahi is a group that advocates for children’s rights.

The Quezon City Police District denied that it harassed the staff of Salinlahi. But the footage showed an officer gripping the neck of one of the group’s volunteers when they refused to let them confiscate the items.

Salinlahi has criticized the “hostile action” by the police even when “parents present were receptive and grateful for the initiative.”

Education spokesperson Michael Poa told CNN Philippines’ The Source they will look into the reported confiscation by the police.

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