DAVAO CITY – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wants strict supervision of the police on the operation of the civilian “auxiliary police” to counter akyat bahay (burglars) to avoid abuse and “colored partisan politics.”

“Ayaw ko yung mga bata (political patrons) ng mga barangay captain at yung mga kumpare. I will not allow them in the auxiliary force. Mahirap yan, gamitin ang pulitika (I do not want political patrons of barangay captain in the auxiliary force. It would be difficult if politics comes in),” said Duterte in a command conference with police and military commanders Friday.

Duterte said the “auxiliary police” are to be distinguished from barangay tanods (watchmen) who “will always follow the barangay captain.”

However, Duterte also said the police commanders should “endeavor to talk to barangay captains”as it is a “community endeavor.”

“Because they will be bringing guns, they will always be under the supervision and control of station commanders all over the city,” said Duterte adding that having a gun “changes a person’s psyche.”

He reminded the police officers that the auxiliary police should only bring shotguns issued to them. “A shotgun is easily monitored and it should be returned after their respective duties,” he said.

As regard the role of barangay captains, Duterte said they should function like a mayor who can “set a direction” but should not “meddle into operations.”

Duterte said the general complaints of residents in the city remains to be burglary affecting mostly middle class residential areas.

“Overall we’re better off with other cities in terms of controlling drugs, kidnapping and the crime index is minimal,”said Duterte.

Duterte told police commanders to “draw-up something” as the city has provided them with logistics and communications support. “First is you have to go around you area and find vulnerabilities,” he said suggesting that the police can even borrow the helicopter he is using to look at their respective areas of responsibility. (davaotoday.com)

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