DAVAO CITY — The clock is ticking for drug lords and drug pushers as Davao City Mayor Rodrigo warned that they only have 48 hours left to leave the city or else they will be killed.

Duterte particularly identified those operating in Trading Boulevard up to the coastal area.

“I’m warning you. I’m giving you 48 hours, those who distribute illegal drugs in Boulevard. Pag nakita ko kayo papatayin ko kayo dito, believe me (If I still see you, I will kill you here, believe me),” Duterte said during the command conference held in Grand Men Seng Hotel Monday afternoon.

Duterte ordered the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s (PDEA) to furnish him their order of battle to help him identify drug pushers.

“Hiramin ko yong listahan ninyo, yong sa order of battle. Magprankahan na lang tayo. Papatayin ko kayo, 48 hours pag nakita ko kayo sabihin ko sa pulis barilin ko kayo (I’ll borrow your order of battle list. Let’s be frank at each other, I will kill you, if I see you (after) 48 hours I will tell the police that I will shoot you),” Duterte said.

He said he will not wait for the drug pushers to commit crime.

“Because after all you are into crime already. I don’t have to wait for people to buy from you, because you yourself know that you are into drug activity. So get out,” he said.

He also warned drug pushers that he already knows where they live.

“Magfile ka ng kaso? Pamilya mo? Hutdon ta mo (You want to file a case, your family, I will finish all of you),” he said.

He said if he the suspects still want to live for Christmas, they should get out of the city.

“That’s a fair warning actually,” he said. The 48 hours has started 5:00 pm Monday.

According to Davao City Police Office’s data from January to August this year, 670 illegal drug personalities were arrested, while 591 drug cases were filed. DCPO spokesperson Chief Inspector Milgrace Driz said they confiscated 2,371.32 grams of shabu valued at P17, 157,844.56 and 1,779.72 grams of marijuana valued at P78,006.12. (davaotoday.com)

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