Davao police to conduct massive operations against drug pushers after ultimatum

Oct. 28, 2015

DAVAO CITY — Police authorities here will be launching massive operations targeting drug pushers after the 48 hours ultimatum given by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Monday.

“After the ultimatum and yet they are still there, then we will conduct a massive operation. Maybe we will have another ‘one time big time’ (operation) and of course that would be led by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency,” said Chief Inspector Milgrace Driz, spokesperson of the Davao City Police Office on Wednesday.

On July 15, 39 suspects were apprehended while seven were killed during the joint operation of the DCPO, PDEA, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, Police Regional Office 11 and Maritime Police.

The week-long operation called Coplan Kaagapay was conducted simultaneously in different parts of the city where the authorities recovered more or less 353 grams of shabu with an estimated street value of P3.2 million and 73 grams of Marijuana with an estimated street value of P73,000.

Driz said they have already implemented its anti-drug campaign Katok Droga or Kapulisan og Katilingban Kontra Droga (police and community against drugs) but the Mayor continues to receive reports of illegal drug activities.

She said drug pushers who will resist arrest and fight back “will be neutralized”.

“They were already given ultimatum to leave the city, but if they will still be hard-headed, that’s when we will conduct operations. If they will fight back, then they will be neutralized,” she said.

Police Regional Office 11 Spokesperson PSupt. Antonio E. Rivera said the police’s provincial offices are also “active” in anti-illegal drugs campaign.

“We can see that they have no let-up in their activities against illegal drugs,” he said.

Rivera said the 48 hours warning is “a request for these people to get out of Davao City or to stop their illegal activity especially drug-related activity.”

“It has nothing to do (with) human rights. If they fail to stop and they continue their illegal activities, then, police operation against them will be launched, wala namang problema doon (there is no problem there),” he said.

Rivera said the shoot to kill order “depends on the circumstances” of the operation.

“In the course of the illegal drug operation and the person fought back, the policeman must stand ground. If he feels his life is in danger, he must shoot to stay alive, that’s part of our duty,” he said. (davaotoday.com)

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