DAVAO CITY – The removal of Davao City Police Director Senior Superintendent Vicente D. Danao, Jr. in the wake of complaints of physical assault by his wife was not what women’s group Gabriela want.

Instead, they urge him to “answer the charges.”

“His relief is not what the women and even what Mrs. Danao want. In interviews, I stated very clearly, he should not be relieved because he will just be transferred to avoid accountability,” said Gabriela partylist Representative Luzviminda Ilagan.

“And it happened!” added Ilagan.

In an interview with the media, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he “can’t do anything anymore” with the relief of Danao.

“That’s the hierarchy of the PNP (Philippine National Police). But, for me that’s a domestic (problem),” said Duterte.

Duterte told higher police officials that “if there is a domestic problem that is violent, you go to court; don’t meddle by relieving Danao.”

Asked who would he want to replace Danao as City police director, Duterte said, “Wala akong ipalit, ibalik nila si Danao (I don’t want to replace him, they should reinstate Danao) and let Danao face his case here.”

Duterte said he “will not oppose” the relief of Danao and said he “has no power over that” and “let Crame (PNP National Headquarters) handle the problem.”

Ilagan said they “want him disciplined, not for him to enjoy temporary relief.”

“He should answer the charges and compensate his wife and children. He should face the music,” said Ilagan.

A video of Danao apparently slapping his wife while they were arguing circulated recently in social media. Danao has since asserted that what happened was a “domestic” matter.

Women’s group Gabriela protested the Davao City Police last week to call for the “investigation and punishment” of Danao.

In a television interview, Danao said Gabriela “should have placed in their placards the words mediation and intervention” and that “lalo niyo lang sinira yung pamilya namin (you are worsening our family crisis.”

Ilagan said that “(t)ransparency is the obligation and duty of the NAPOLCOM (National Police Commission) not of Gab(riela).”

“The pursuit of the case and seeing to it that an officer like Danao is held accountable is the responsibility of Gabriela to its constituents,” said Ilagan.

Danao’s wife Susie have asked Gabriela’s help after complaining of inaction by the Department of Interior and Local Government. (davaotoday.com)

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