‘Stop making workers your scapegoat,’ Anakpawis tells PNP on GenSan bombing

Feb. 02, 2008

Anakpawis is calling for justice for the victims of the Philbest bombing in General Santos City that killed an 11-year old child and injured 29 others, mostly workers of the factory.

In a statement released to the media, the workers’ party-list group criticized the Philippine National Police (PNP) for immediately blaming, not terrorists, but extortion and labor dispute for the bombing. “Whenever a bombing incident happens to a business establishment, PNP always points to labor dispute as the cause,” the statement said.

Anakpawis cited that PNP has failed to prove these allegations, in the case of the Yellow Bus Line and Weena Bus bombings in the past. The group also pointed out that the bombing victims were mostly workers, going out of the factory at six p.m.. The bomb exploded right in front of the gate as night shift workers were coming in and day shift workers were going out. “There have been no proven cases of bombings due to labor disputes in recent history,” Anakpawis said.
Anakpawis also berated the PNP for making such malicious unproven allegations because it impresses upon the public that workers would resort to terrorist actions to resolve its concerns.

“This clouds the legitimacy of issues being raised by workers in companies wherein real labor disputes exist. Worse, this is being made as an excuse to justify deployment of military troops in workplaces.”

The progressive party-list revealed that military troops had earlier been allowed to conduct psychological and intelligence operations to the YBL and Dole Philippines. Anakpawis also expressed fears that military deployment in factories, business establishments in other urban centers and the countryside will eventually pave the way for Balikatan Exercises. #

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