State of the City address: Update on Security of Davao city and DCPO Development Initiatives

Apr. 21, 2008

Director, Davao City Police Office

Davao City remains peaceful despite the threats posed by terrorist and criminal elements. DCPO, in tandem with TF Davao, continues to address these threats 24/7 and has been very successful with the strong political leadership provided by City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, members of the City council and the all out support of the community.

DCPO remains in a high state of morale and discipline because of the support and assistance giver to us by the City Government of Davao. Over the years, DCPO received brand new patrol cars, motorcycles, firearms and other essential equipment for use in law enforcement, the envy of other PNP units nationwide. It is also the reason why DCPO won the best city police of the year national award five times.

Among the innovations of DCPO to further enhance operational effectiveness, is the creation of the following units:

1. Bike patrol unit where the City donated 20 heavy duty patrol bikes to complement our mobile and motorcycle patrol units.
2. 2nd CMG to put more focus on anti-insurgency campaign in the 2nd and 3rd congressional district
3. Anti-hoodlum unit to address the problem on gangsterism and gang wars

Several programs were also initiated in line with law enforcement such as:

1. Junior cops program to develop among the youth, especially those out of school, the sense of duty, service and patriotism
2. Salaam Police program to cater to the needs of out brother Moslems in support of the UMCPD
3. Strengthening of our Women and Children Protection Desk to effectively address women and children concerns
4. DARE program to keep our youth away from drugs
5. Creation of DCPO Evangelical Chaplain Auxiliary group to cater to the spiritual needs and guidance of our policemen

These are just some of the development programs DCPO is undertaking. There are a lot more but I’m afraid I will exceed the time allotted to me and so I would like to close this report by soliciting everyone’s participation in crime prevention and control so that Davao City will always enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Thank you and Happy Araw ng Davao sa ating lahat!!


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