Soda cans contain bombs in Davao movie blasts

Sep. 19, 2013

Davao Today

Davao City– Police released results of their investigation saying that Monday’s cinema blasts came from improvised explosive devices that were placed inside soda cans.

Davao City Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa said this could have been the reason why the explosives that hit SM Ecoland and Gaisano Mall were able to pass through security.

Police said a 9-volt battery, electric blasting clap filled with RDX and PETN powered the bombs, while a mobile phone served as its trigger.

But authorities are still looking at other leads and have not yet pinpointed suspects.

Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) chief Francisco Villaroman said it is possible that the suspects bought the bomb materials inside the malls and assembled them before entering the moviehouses.

“It is possible (because it is easy to make an improvised explosive device),” Villoraman said.

While City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte cited intelligence that US firms are targets of bombings, the head of a business group believed all public places are potential targets.

Daniel Lim, President of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce said basic targets of such “lawless elements” are populated establishments such as malls, schools, hospitals, ports and airports, parks and private institutions.

Lim said the chamber is supporting the city government’s effort and calls to beef up security.

He added that “all businesses should put up high definition CCTVs” and indicate that their establishments are installed with security cameras. ”

As authorities hit a blank wall in its investigation of Davao blasts, a flurry of text messages Wednesday afternoon circulated that warned residents of bloodied casualties after bomb blasts hit NCCC mall and its smaller branch in Matina.

Davao’s Central 911 security information reported on Davao City government’s Facebook page that authorities responded to the areas where explosions were found but cleared them from danger.

“Text messages of explosions circulating are all FALSE. Responders were earlier deployed only to check on suspicious objects as regular precautionary measures. All were cleared as safe objects. Thank you,” the message said.

Davao Netizens reacted over these rumors at the City Government’s Facebook page.

Elicor Meel Tangaro said “the one who spread this should be punished. This is a serious matter and it could create tensions and fear to the community, but nevertheless we all should stay civil and alert.”

John Rhey Encarquis was mad because he believed the message was true. “Paspas kaayo ko naka TEXT sakong mga kaila.. YAWA ang nag buhat buhat! (I hurriedly texted my friends. Damn that person who spread this!)”

Earl James Thomas said he was grateful for the authorities’ quick response.

“It is not fun to receive such information but we are very thankful that the Davao City government responded ASAP. Let us also be responsible … we don’t want our citizens to panic just because of misinformation …. about bombings.”

Personnel from Central 911 also advised the public not to panic when they receive such text messages and to inform authorities and verify the situation. (

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