Open Season Again for Vigilantes?

Mar. 25, 2006

DAVAO CITY — The deaths of two persons in two days have brought back fears of the dreaded vigilante group Davao Death Squad.

A man newly released from prison was gunned down near a police station in Mintal on Friday, the local ABS-CBN reported on Saturday.

On Thursday morning, a car painter who was just sitting at an area near a chapel in Agdao was shot dead, bringing to 16 the total number of victims of summary execution since January this year, according to local reports.

Jeppie Ramada, acting secretary general of Bayan Muna, said the ubiquitous Task Force Davao (TFD) should do something about the spate of summary killings here, saying the TFD is enjoying a big part of taxpayer’s money.

TFD spokesman Captain Patrick Cinco, however, retorted that their duty was to address terrorism, not criminality. (Cheryll D. Fiel/

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