CPP, NDFP urged to join in ‘peaceful revolution’

Feb. 12, 2017

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Philippine Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano urged the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines and National Democratic Front of the Philippines to join in a “peaceful revolution” for the sake of the Filipino people.

“The Duterte administration is your best chance for meaningful change, reform, and peaceful revolution. The CPP-NDF group should understand and give more since the administration has met them more than halfway already,” Cayetano said in a press briefing with the Philippine-American press in New York City.

Cayetano said he remains hopeful that the peace negotiations between the government and communist rebels will resume even as President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the cancellation of their talks.

“The government’s peace talks with the communists or the left collapsed. But we are all hoping it is not permanent,” he said, citing the efforts of the Duterte administration to opening up cabinet positions and all lines of communication and dialogue with the Left.

“From the communists’ side, they think we are giving too little. But on the side of the government, we feel we have already given them so much. But no other President has given this much this soon,” he pointed out.

It can be recalled that Duterte earlier announced the suspension of the peace negotiations, stressing that many soldiers had died despite the unilateral ceasefire between the government and the communist group.

“Quoting Former Israeli President Shimon Peres, in peace negotiations, if you give too much, you lose your base. If you give too little, you lose the other side. Thus, there has to be pressure from all of us Filipinos to get these two sides to give more and accept less,” he said.

The senator clarified that no other administration had dealt with the issue “more thoroughly, sincerely, and considerately” than the Duterte Administration has.

“Those who have chosen a parliamentary rather than an armed struggle are always welcome and are part of a healthy dialogue with the government,” he said. (davaotoday.com)

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