Councilor urges haste in Bankerohan bridge repair

Nov. 04, 2014

DAVAO CITY — A city councilor  filed a resolution urging the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to finish the repair of the Bankerohan bridge this month.

During his privilege speech at the City Council’s regular session Tuesday, First District Councilor Bernard Al-ag filed two resolutions on the matter.

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Al-ag said the DPWH earlier stated that the repairs would be finished in October but he recently read in a local paper that DPWH XI Regional Director promised to finish it on the third week of November, citing that the delays were due to “unavoidable circumstances.”

“While reading the news, I felt like vomiting. I was disappointed and I am angry at this development, most especially with the lame reason of the DPWH,” said Al-ag.

Al-ag said “every government contract awarded to the contractor, in this case, the OSCAR Sarmiento Construction, has a contract period.”

“And if the contract period is not complied, penalties are imposed against the contractor,” said Al-ag.

Al-ag said “if they (DPWH) cannot or will not impose these, I suggest that the contractor pays every commuter who has to wake up very early just to be in the office on time.”

“The contractor must pay every PUJ driver whose income was reduced. The contractor must pay every Dabawenyo who bears the heat and hassle due to the heavy traffic jam,” said Al-ag.

In the course of Al-ag’s privilege speech, Second District Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang stood-up to say that the DPWH must be given a chance to answer.

Al-ag said that the first resolution is “expressing our utmost disappointment on the delay of the repair done on the Generoso (Bankerohan) bridge.”

“It is just an expression of sentiment,” he said.(

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